How to update my surcharge preference of my terminal(s) on the Till Portal

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Please note: This feature is currently only available to Blended Rate merchants, and the maximum surcharge is 3% for all schemes and 30¢ for EFTPOS if you prefer to surcharge in dollar value for EFTPOS transactions.


Step 1.png
Click Self-service at the bottom of the side menu of the Till Portal.

Till Portal_Navbar-Self Servicing.jpg


Step 2.png
Click Manage in the Manage Surcharge widget.

Till Portal_Self Servicing_Hotspot.jpg


Step 3.png
Select the location where the terminal requires an update on the surcharge amount.

Till Portal_Self Servicing_Location.jpg


Step 4.png
Enter the updated surcharge amount.

Till Portal_Self Servicing_Surcharge.jpg


Step 5.png
Tick the Acknowledgement box to confirm your understanding of the update process.

Till Portal_Self Servicing_Acknowledge.jpg


Step 6.png
Click Update Surcharge.

Till Portal_Self Servicing_Update.jpg

Step 7.png
Your surcharge preference has been updated.

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