Update to security processes

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As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our merchants, we have recently updated our security processes to reduce the possibility of illegal activities and fraud.

When a change to accounts is requested, Till has added authentication and verification steps to ensure we are in contact with an authorised individual from the merchant. These measures have been implemented to prevent fraudulent activities and protect merchants.


The updated steps will be followed for all of the following requests.

  • Bank Account Change Details
  • Contact Change Details (any contact that has the authority to make changes to the account)
  • NDF to SDF change request
  • MOTO request
  • Refund Limit/ Password Change request
  • Enquiry on any form of password

Our updated process is outlined below.

Previous Steps:

  • Validate DBA Name
  • Validate Owner / Auth Signatory full name
  • Validate MID

Additional Steps:

  • Validate License Number
  • Validate Date of Birth
  • Validate TID
  • Validate the last Till Payments deposit date or month
  • Validate phone number – requester validates code sent to mobile on record
  • Validate email address (if phone number validation is not possible) - requester validates code sent to email on record

Once verified the application will step through our Merchant Risk Team and Credit Underwriting to ensure all levels of risk are investigated. If the risk is not eliminated, then the application will not proceed.

Till continuously update and perform security protocols in line with industry best practices to reduce risk and fraud.

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