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How long does it take to process my application?

Once your application has been received, it will take around 7-10 days to process.

When will my terminal be installed?

Terminal installation can range from 2–10 business days after your account has been set up.

What happens with my current EFTPOS terminal/bank?

You will need to contact your previous provider to organise a terminal retrieval. If you own the terminal outright, then we can attempt to integrate it into your new contract with Till Payments.

Why is my application subject to credit review?

The ability to accept credit card payments is equivalent to giving you an unsecured line of credit; therefore all applications are subject to a review of business credit history.

How do I complete a terminal refresh?

On your terminal select FUNC, enter 102 and press Enter (green button).

How do I check my settlement time?

On your terminal, select FUNC, enter 120 and press Enter (green button). Press Cancel to exit the screen after.

How do I turn off receipt printing for merchant or customer?

On your terminal, select FUNC, enter 15 (Merchant receipts) or enter 16 (Customer receipts) and press Enter (green button). Once changed, Perform a refresh with FUNC + 102.

How do I restart my terminal?

On your terminal, select FUNC and press CLEAR (yellow button).

My terminal is offline, how can I troubleshoot this?

Restart your terminal by selecting FUNC and pressing CLEAR (yellow button), reboot your POS as per manufacturer instructions and check the cables of your terminal and POS. If your terminal is still offline after these steps, please contact our Support Team.

How do I find my TID (Terminal ID) or MID (Merchant ID)?

Your TID and MID appear at the top of receipts printed from your terminal.

My terminal is frozen, how can I fix it?

Restart your terminal by selecting FUNC and pressing CLEAR (yellow button).

How do I switch my terminal to Standalone mode?

This can be used if your POS drops out, or if your WIFI drops out. This can allow your terminal to continue to operate and let trading remain unaffected. To switch to standalone mode press FUNC 2 ENTER ENTER 0240 NONE SKIP CANCEL

How do I power on/off my terminal?

The power button is located on the left, next to the volume keys.

How do I connect my terminal to WiFi?

Swipe down from the top of the screen on your terminal, hold the WiFi icon and press “Add network”.

How can I perform a heartbeat check on my terminal?

To perform a heartbeat check, swipe down from the top of your terminal, press Launcher, then press Diagnostics, then press Summary and finally press Request Heartbeat at the bottom.

How can I change between the SIM cards in my terminal?

Swipe down from the top of your terminal, swipe to the left and press the SIM button (SIM1/SIM2) to switch between SIM cards.

How do I force stop my terminal?

Swipe down from the top of your terminal, press launcher, hold down on the app and then press App Information followed by Force Stop.

How do I clear the cache of my terminal?

To clear the cache on your terminal, swipe down from the top of your terminal, press launcher, hold down on the app and then press App Information, followed by Storage and then Clear Cache.

How do I perform a hard reboot of my terminal?

To perform a hard reboot of your terminal you will need to remove the battery. To do this, remove the rear cover from the terminal and remove the battery by disconnecting the white plug.

How do I find my TID (Terminal ID) or MID (Merchant ID)?

Swipe down from the top of your terminal, press launcher, press Diagnostics and then press Merchant Information for your MID/TID.

How can I update my settlement time?

To update your settlement time please submit the "Change Settlement Time" request form.

I have received a Chargeback Letter, what do I do next?

Kindly follow the instructions on the letter. If you have further queries regarding this letter please view the dedicated Chargebacks page or contact our support team on 1300 369 692 for further assistance.

I haven't received my OTP, what do I do?

Check your spam folder or request a new code if you have not received a code within 5 minutes.

How do I change my account country and timezone?

Reach out to support team at Till Payments -

Which timezone is the dashboard in, if my stores are present in different timezones?

The timezone is configured at merchant account level and hence all dashboard data is in that timezone. Currently, funding and billing systems are processed in Sydney/Australia timezone.

How do I change the currency in the dashboard?

Simply select from the currency dropdown on dashboard. Please note Till Payments doesn't support currency conversion at this stage.

Can I reverse a refund?

We do not support reverse currently, we only support refunds. If you wish to refund a txn, navigate to the Transactions tab and click on the Live sub-tab. Click on the "detailed view" of any transaction you want to refund and you'll see a refund button on the top right corner. Click on it and follow the prompts.

How do I claim against a dispute? What evidence do I need to provide?

You can claim against a dispute by providing evidence to support your claim to '’ AND quote the reference number. For more information, please refer here

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