Additional terminal functions on a Standalone Ingenico Move5000

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Additional terminal functions

Below are the additional functions you can complete on your EFTPOS terminal.

Note: This password change feature will change your refund password only.



Press the Func key.



Press corresponding function number from the table below.



Press Enter.


Function Number Function Name Description
1 View Batch  
5 Display Transaction Totals Allows you to display the 'Number' and 'Total Amount' of Sales, Refunds, Tips, and Cash-Out transactions performed in the current settlement batch period.
8 View Batch Number Allows you to view the current Batch Number.
21 View Transaction By Invoice Number Allows you to view a specific transaction in the current batch by entering the invoice number.
58 Print Tip Report Print the tip report for any tipped transactions processed since the last report was produced.
70 Reprint Last Settlements Print the last settlement report.
71 Reprint Last Settlement from Host Print the last settlement report from the Host (requires settlement password).
72 Reprint Last Transaction Record Print a duplicate of the last transaction that was wither approved or declined.
73 Reprint Specific Transaction Record Print a duplicate of the last approved transaction from the current batch.
74 View Host Totals Provides details of transaction totals grouped by transaction type and card type.
75 View Transaction List Provides details of transactions performed in the current settlement period.
120 Display Auto Settlement Time Displays the next auto settlement date and time.


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