How to check the internet communication status on a Standalone Ingenico Move5000

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Header Bar

When the terminal is powered on, the screen displays a status Header bar consisting of 4 segments:

  • Segment 1: indicates status of 3G connectivity and signal strength if enabled
  • Segment 2: displays Ethernet status
  • Segment 3: shows status of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity and signal strength if enabled
  • Segment 4: provides terminal information such as System Date and Time, Power and Battery condition



When GPRS communications is enabled, the status of the modem is displayed in segment 1:

Telstra.png Is displayed when the terminal is powered on to indicate 3G communications is supported.
Orange_Circle.png As the terminal attempts to register with the mobile communications provider this icon is displayed.
Telstra.png When terminal registers with the network provider it will display this icon. A 3G signal strength indicator is also displayed.
No_Sim.png Other 3G conditions that may be displayed: SIM card not detected, SIM card locked and entry of code is required.



The status of ‘Ethernet’ communications is displayed in segment 3 of the status header:

White.png Ethernet is configured but not enabled.
Green.png Ethernet communications enabled.



The EFTPOS terminal supports Bluetooth communications to pass and receive data with the base/ docking station.

To provide the status of the Bluetooth link, the following icons will be displayed in the status header:

Note: Bluetooth Connectivity complies with Bluetooth v2.1 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) – Class. Operating range is subject to site location and prevailing conditions: Indoor, up to 70m typically; Outdoor, up to 250m with clear line of sight.

Bluetooth.png If the terminal exceeds maximum operating range from its base this icon will be displayed to indicate the Bluetooth link is broken. 
Red_B.png When the terminal is within range of its base and the Bluetooth link has been interrupted, this icon will be displayed until the connection is re-established.
Green_Bluetooth.png When the terminal has established a Bluetooth link with its base this icon will be displayed.


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