How to use Pay @ Table (e.g. split bill) function on an Integrated Verifone T650p (mx51)

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Getting started

  • Unlock the terminal.
  • Select the Pay at Table option.
  • Enter Operator ID


Table selection

Option 1 — Search by table number

  • Search for a Table using numbers OR letters keypad.


Option 2 — See open tables (by operator)

  • Click “See Open” button to see all the open tables.
  • Select the table you wish to finalise the bill for.


Payment options

Select the payment option the customer has requested.

Option 1 — Pay in full

  • Search for a Table using numbers OR letters keypad.


Option 2 — Split evenly

  • Selecting this option will automatically split the purchase total into an even split by the number you enter.


Option 3 — Split by amount

  • Selecting this option will allow you to split the purchase total into the amount specified by the customer.
    • Customers will have the option to tip, as well as pay partially (if bill split) and by cash.
    • If customer pays in full, you can close the table bill.
    • If customer does partial payment, you can keep the table open for additional payments by remaining customers.




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