How to view your business details and Till products with related financials on Till Merchant Portal

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Please note: this article is only relevant to Australian and New Zealand merchants. If you are based in North America, please refer to the article here.
The Business Settings tab is designed to give you and your users valuable information about your business details, Till products and related fees. It also allows you to manage your Till Merchant Portal users.

You can access Business Setting by clicking the cogwheel in the header next to your logo.
Select any level of the hierarchy to see relevant business information such as trading name, business registration number, and a link to the chosen business’s website (if provided).
Within the Account hierarchy level, you'll find Business Details, User Management, Products, and Financials tabs.


Business Details

You’ll find detailed information about your business in the Business Details tab.



To update any details in this tab, please contact the Customer Support team by submitting a ticket.


Till Product Details

The Products tab is designed to reflect all the terminals used in the business.

The table includes columns for Product, Monthly Rental Fee, Terminal ID, Merchant ID, Merchant, Location, and Terminal Descriptor.

You can also search and filter information as required.




The Financials tab shows you all fees applied by Till360 for its services, bank and settlement data. All the data is displayed per Merchant ID.

By clicking the Financials tab, you or your user can see a list of all Merchant IDs.


To see fees per chosen Merchant ID, click the action menu and View Details button, and you’ll be transferred to a page with the relevant data, with tabs for each of the following:

  • Service fees
  • Surcharges
  • Bank Details
  • Settlements details



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