How to fix Invalid Port Error/Error123 on an Integrated Ingenico Move5000

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The INVALID PORT error message on a payment terminal typically indicates that the terminal cannot communicate with the system it is trying to connect to. This could be due to driver issues on the port, POS issues, the terminal being unplugged from the POS or base, or the base not getting power or broken cables. 



To tackle the issue of an invalid port, follow the steps below.


Check the following:

  • The terminal is sitting properly on the base and is receiving power (It should "beep" when you pick it up).

  • The cables are undamaged.

  • Everything is plugged in.

Once you've checked the above, restart the terminal.

Update Linkly Drivers
If restarting POS does not fix it, update the Linkly Drivers.


USB Port
If the error still occurs, try plugging the USB cable into another port.


Contact Customer Support Team
If it is still not working, please contact Till Customer Support Team by submitting a ticket.

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