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Viewing Your Hierarchy

Modified on: Thu, 20 Oct 2022 at 11:58 am

Viewing Your Hierarchy

The Merchant Hierarchy feature allows you to view your organisational structure, and switch to an area of your business to view or perform specific actions relative to that business.

This icon defines a Group

This icon defines an Account

This icon defines a Location

Merchant Dropdown

You can see a condensed view of your hierarchy via the 'dropdown' feature, visible at the top of the page. This allows you to easily switch to another business entity, search for a business or navigate to your extended Merchant Hierarchy page.

When hovering over a business, you will see an icon that will allow you to switch to that business. Switching to another business will show data applicable to that business, such as dashboards and transactions.

Expanded Merchant Hierarchy

On the expanded Merchant Hierarchy page, you can view an extended list of your hierarchy, switch to another business entity, and view the business settings relative to that business. You can access this page through the Merchant Hierarchy link on the left, or through the 'View all accounts' link in the merchant dropdown.

Select the expand arrow to view additional accounts or locations.

Switching entities allows for information relative to that entity to be viewed within Till Portal. This information includes dashboards, transactions, settlements, and business settings.

Business Settings

Selecting the 'Business settings' button will take you to the business settings for the relevant business entity.

Search and Filter

Access the Search and Filter feature by selecting 'Search and Filter' on your Merchant Hierarchy page. This feature allows you to search for specific business entities within your hierarchy or filter based on the business's details.

Note: To view original results, select 'Reset filters'.

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