Cardholder Data Import

Data Transfer Process

Our preferred data transfer process:

-We will get in touch with your old provider and provide them with a Public Encryption Key.

-Your old provider will encrypt the data with our encryption Key and load the data to Till's SFTP server.

-We will perform the data import.

-Once the import is complete, we will provide you with a newline-delimited JSON, with each line containing the old and the new reference ID of one card.


{ “newReferenceId”: ”abcdefghijklmnopqr”, ”oldReferenceId”: “388333B”, customerId: “AT-2938938” }
{ “newReferenceId”: ”8291edi3ndidn393un”, ”oldReferenceId”: “7837373”, customerId: “DE-3838832” }

Data Format

The data shall be provided in CSV or JSON with UTF-8 encoding. The provided data must follow the following conventions. Data provided in a different format may cause importing delays. The encrypted file may not exceed the file size of 25 Megabytes. Please split the file into several chunks if it exceeds the file size limit.

Text qualifier or encapsulation: none or "
Delimiter or field separator: , (comma) or ; (semicolon)
A header column which identifies each field must be included.
Newline-delimited JSON (one valid JSON per line) The Key of each field shall match the field names of the tables below, we don’t support nested JSON, data must be provided as String types only.

The following data fields can be imported during the data transfer processes. Please include the field name in the data migration file:

Required fields

Field nameDescriptionExample
creditcard.numberThe primary Account number (PAN) of the card4111111111111111
creditcard.expiration_monthThe Credit Card's expiration month in the format: M or MM1 (M)
01 (MM)
creditcard.expiration_yearThe Credit Card's expiration year (YYYY)2020
reference_idID or token representing this card to the Merchant in the former processors system83389B

Optional Fields

Field nameDescriptionExample
creditcard.cardholder_nameThe cardholder name of the card (technically this is optional, but usually you will want to know the cardholder name)John Smith
customer.identificationAny Identification representing the User or customer in your shop or ERP system (max. 36 characters, anything beyond is cut off)AT-2938938
customer.first_nameFirst name of the customerJohn
customer.last_nameLast name of the customer.Smith
customer.billing_address1Street address line 1Shortroad 33
customer.billing_address2Street address line 2Unit A
customer.billing_postcodePostal Code / Zip code1060
customer.billing_country2-letter country codeAT
customer.billing_phonePhone number+431555000
customer.companyThe company associated with the billing addressExample Inc.
customer.emailE-mail address of the
customer.ip_addressIP address of the customer1.2.3.4
customer.national_idThe national ID (e.g. social insurance number) of the customerAT39398881
customer.gendereither M for male or F for femaleM

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