Direct Debit Authorisation - Terms & Conditions (Australia)

1. Merchant may defer or alter a debit payment by giving Till Payments at least fourteen days written notice before the next debit day.

2. Merchant may stop a debit payment, or cancel a direct debit request, by giving Till Payments at least fourteen days written notice before the next debit day. Merchant can also cancel a direct debit request by contacting their own financial institution directly.

3. Till Payments may vary the terms of the direct debit request or this agreement by giving the Merchant at least fourteen days written notice.

4. It is Merchant’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient cleared funds available in their account so that the debit payment can be processed in accordance with the direct debit request. If there aren’t sufficient clear funds available in their account, Merchant;

a) may be charged a fee and/or interest by their financial institution;

b) may also incur fees that are payable to Till Payments; and

c) must arrange for the payment to be made by another method.

5. If the debit day falls on a day that isn’t a business day, Till Payments may debit Merchant’s account on the following business day. (Merchant can ask their financial institution if they’re unsure which day their account will be debited.)

6. If Merchant believes there’s been an error in debiting their account, they should notify Till Payments in writing as soon as possible.Merchant can also contact their financial institution. If Till Payments concludes that there’s been an error, it is to let Merchant know and arrange for their financial institution to adjust their account (including interest and charges) accordingly. If Till Payments concludes that there hasn’t been an error, it will let Merchant know the reasons and any evidence for this finding.

7. Till Payments will keep any information in Merchant’s direct debit request confidential and make reasonable efforts to keep it secure from unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure. Till Payments is only to disclose the information:

a) to the extent specifically required by law; or

b) for the purposes of this agreement (including in connection with any query or claim).

8. Merchant are aware that direct debiting through BECS is not available for all financial institution accounts.

9. Till Payments recommends that Merchant check the account details they have provided to Till Payments against a recent statement from their financial institution. If they are uncertain as to these details, Merchant will check with their financial institution before agreeing to these terms, and completing the direct debit request.

10. Till Payments will store and protect Merchant account details in accordance with its applicable policies, including its Privacy Policy, but may need to provide details of their direct debit requests to its bank, including to allow it to deal with any claims.

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