Merchant Agreement - Gateway Processing

This document sets out the standard terms and conditions for Till Payments Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 64 160 726 349 (Till Payments) providing gateway processing services to its customer (Merchant).


1.       Till Payments is a provider of real time payment processing solutions in Australia. Till Payments has agreed to supply solutions to Customer in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

2.       This Agreement is structured in two parts, namely Part A (Services Access Specific Terms) and Part B (General Terms).  Part A contains the specific terms relevant to each supply of solutions to Customer and may include one or more Schedules.  Part B sets out Till Payments’s general terms and conditions which will apply to all supplies of solutions. 

3.       It is intended that further supplies of solutions may be made and will be governed by this Agreement by way of the parties signing a further Part A Schedule for each supply.

Gateway Processing Part B General Terms

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