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Managing Users

Modified on: Thu, 20 Oct 2022 at 2:16 pm

Managing Users

You can manage your users via the 'User Management' tab within your business settings. With appropriate permissions, a user can add additional users, edit existing users’ roles, view details of a user, suspend/unsuspend users, and resend or cancel invitations.

Adding a User

To add a new user to your hierarchy, select the 'Add User' button from the User Management page. If you have added a user to the wrong hierarchy, you can shift them to the desired hierarchy using the merchant dropdown at the top of the page or navigate to the merchant hierarchy and switch to the intended entity.

Once invited, a user will receive an email to join the business and can create a password to sign into the application.

Note: When added, a user will gain implicit access to all children entities with the same role. For example, if a user is added as a Manager at an account level, they will have Manager access to all locations below the account.
Changing a User’s Role

You can change a user’s role on the User Management page by selecting a new role from the dropdown in the Role column. This will update the user's role and appropriate permissions.

Note: Admins and managers can change a user's role. Additional details on user roles can be found in the User Roles section of the guide.
Suspending a User

If a user no longer requires access to the Till Portal, you can suspend their access through the 'Suspend' action on the User Management page, accessible via the vertical ellipsis. The user will be displayed as SUSPENDED on the user management page, lose immediate access to the relative entity, and may be logged out.

To reactivate a suspended user, select the vertical ellipsis menu on the User Management page and select 'Activate'.
Managing Invitations

An invitation can be cancelled by selecting the vertical ellipsis menu on the User Management page and selecting 'Cancel Invitation'. An invitation cannot be cancelled once it has been accepted.
An invite can be resent using the 'Resend Invitation' ability accessible via the vertical ellipsis menu on the User Management page. This can be used if an invite has been cancelled or has lapsed.
Searching and Filtering

The search and filter feature can be accessed by selecting 'Search and filter' on the User Management page. This feature allows you to search for specific users, or filter users based on their status.

Note: To view original results, select 'Reset filters'.

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