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Know your Merchants

Modified on: Tue, 9 Aug 2022 at 10:10 am

How to locate your merchant details?

The Merchant tab is comprised of two (2) sub-tabs: Contracts & Live Merchants. The Contracts tab refers to all contracts that are in the system but are not yet live while Live Merchants refers to all the sites and channels that are transacting.


Contracts in TMP displays the information for individual merchant applications are stored and referred to before the application is boarded to the processing platforms.

In the contracts grid, a user can see DBA name (‘doing business as’/’trading name’), processor, agent name (Till Representative), and contact name (Client) with status information.

Clicking on DBA name, the system will redirect to the merchant contract. Information is arranged in four sections:
  1. Business Information
  2. Banking & owner Information
  3. Terminals
  4. Pricing

Common Features

  • Attachments - merchants have an attachment button that allows users to attach file in attachments
  • Notes - Notes are 2000-character text for any special notes
  • Transactions
  • Statements

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