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If you have any uncertainties regarding the fees listed in your contract by Till, please refer to the following for a detailed explanation.

Minimum Merchant Service Fee
The minimum merchant service fee will be charged if your merchant facility doesn't process enough transactions in the month to cover the costs of your merchant service. For example, if your minimum service fee is AUD$30, and if you only process AUD$25 worth of merchant service fees through the month, we will round this up to AUD$30.

Refund Fee?
Refund fee is a fee charged for each refund transaction that is processed.

Terminal Fee
Terminal fee is a rental fee charged monthly, and is charged per terminal. This covers the costs of mobile SIM data costs, receipt rolls and software development.

Admin Fee
The Admin fee includes the provision and management of our PCI-Compliance tool, Vectra, provided to all merchants to help ensure greater compliance with the PCI-DSS security standards. The admin fee is charged at a monthly rate per Merchant ID. The amount charged depends on a merchant's total transaction value.

International Fee
The international fee is a fee that applies to any transaction processed outside of Australia, or in a foreign currency.

ATV (Average Ticket Value) <$17.00 Loading

If your average ticket value is lower than AUD17.00, there will be an additional fee charged per transaction as listed on your pricing schedule.


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