Why doesn't the funding amount match the settlement amount?

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  1. The disparity between the funding amount and the settlement amount could stem from various factors. Take a look at the following list of potential reasons, and don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a request here if you cannot find the resolution.

  • Have you provided the updated bank account details?
    • It's possible that the funds were transferred to your previous nominated bank account. Please review your previous account to confirm whether the funds have been transferred there. If you wish to nominate a new funding bank account, submit a request here.
  • Have you processed transactions with American Express?
    • Currently, all transactions processed through the American Express card network will adhere to a fixed 2-day funding schedule. This timeline remains consistent regardless of the funding schedule you have chosen with Till. Consequently, the funding for American Express transactions will only come through together with the funding of the settlement in 2 working days, and the "missing funding" could be the "delayed" American Express funding.
  • Manual settlement vs Automatic settlement (Terminal)
    • Settlement can be initiated manually or automatically. You can settle manually on the terminal any time before your auto-settlement time. If you have initiated a settlement manually, the funding amount before the manual settlement will be included in your upcoming settlement, while the funding of the remaining transactions of the day will be combined with the funding on the next day and will be processed in the subsequent settlement (which will be the next day if for Same-day funding schedule, or the working day after for Next-day funding schedule). Therefore the "missing funding" will appear in the subsequent settlement. If you are interested to learn more about the settlement function on the terminal, check out the articles listed below.
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  • Are you aware of the adjustment in fees?
    • We might have recently made a minor adjustment to the fees on your account, and this update might have been communicated to one of your account contacts. As a result, you might not have been aware of this change when reviewing your settlement. To shed light on the situation, we suggest reaching out to your team to verify if you've received any communication regarding a recent fee adjustment. It's possible that the "missing funding" could be related to the change.

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