How to send Payment Links to multiple merchants in bulk on the Till Portal

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Follow the below steps to send payment links to multiple merchants in one go on the Payment Links dashboard.


Step 1.png
Click Payment Links on the side menu.

Till Portal_Navbar-PaymentLinks.jpg


Step 2.png
Click Bulk Upload.

Till Portal_Payment Links_Hotspot.jpg


Step 3.png
Click Download Sample CSV, enter the customer details and payment amount on the CSV file.

Till Portal_Payment Links_Bulk-Upload.jpg


Step 4.png
Drop the CSV file with merchant details to the portal.


Step 5.png
Once the CSV file is uploaded, you can check all customer details, select or unselect customers to send a payment link.

Till Portal_Payment Links_Bulk-Upload_Proof-check.jpg


Step 6.png
Click Send and a payment link will be sent to all the selected customers' inboxes.

Till Portal_Payment Links_Bulk-Upload_Sent.jpg


Step 7.png
Once a payment link is sent to the customer, a record will be generated and will be displayed on the Pay by Link dashboard.

Till Portal_Payment Links_Bulk-Upload_Records.jpg


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