Will there be any change with my surcharging capabilities on my new Till Terminal?

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No, the surcharging capabilities on your new Till Portable terminal will remain unchanged, consistent with the setting on your Verifone T650p, Ingenico Move5000, or Quest QT720 terminal.

However, if you're a merchant with a Blended rate who wishes to modify the surcharge settings on your new Till Portable terminal, you can easily do so through the new Till Portal. The Till Portal is equipped with the functionality to promptly update the surcharge settings directly to your terminal. This means you can make changes without having to contact the Till Team, check out the steps outlined in the article here.

Please note: This feature is currently only available to merchants with a Blended rate. The maximum surcharge is 3% for all schemes and 30¢ for EFTPOS if you prefer to surcharge in dollar value for EFTPOS transactions.

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