How to add / suspend/ manage users of the Till Portal

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To add users to the Till Portal, follow the below steps.

Please note: The function of user management is limited to users with Admin and Manager roles on the Till Portal.


Click Settings at the bottom of the side menu.

Till Portal_Settings.png

Navigate to User Management

Till Portal_UserManagement_Hotspot.png

Step 3.png
Click Invite User to invite your business members to the Till Portal.

Till Portal_UserManagement_InviteUser.png

Step 4.png
Enter a new user Name & Email address, select the user role to customise the view of the member and click Send invite.

Once invited, a user will receive an email to join the business and can create a password to sign in to the application.

Till Portal_UserManagement_Send-Invite.png

Note: when added, a user will gain implicit access to all children with the same role. For example, if a user is added as a Manager at an account level, they will have Manager access to all locations below the account.

Step 5.png
An invitation will be sent to the new user's email address.


To change the role or suspend a user, follow the below steps:

Select their new role from the dropdown.

Till Portal_UserManagement_Change-Role.png


To suspend the role of a user, click the 3 dots at the end of the user to suspend.

Till Portal_UserManagement_Suspend-User.png

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