How to make a one-off purchase transaction on the Till Virtual Terminal

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To process a one-off purchase transaction, select debit from the Transaction Type drop-down bar on the Virtual Terminal. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

  • Amount*: enter in the purchase amount (do not include currency symbol e.g. $)
  • Surcharge: if applicable
  • Currency*: this is automatically set to AUD and should reflect the currency of your MID
  • Description: can be used for internal reconciliation purposes and to process refunds (e.g. invoice number)



Make sure the ‘Transaction ID automatically generated’ box is ticked as each transaction requires a unique ID which cannot be used more than once. By selecting the box, the system will create this ID.

Note: the customer does not see this reference.



Next, enter the customers details and credit card information in the ‘Credit Card’ box.


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