How to charge a Till Portable

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There are 2 ways to charge a Till Terminal:

1. Through the micro-USB port on the side – Connect the micro-USB cable to the terminal charging dock located on the side of the terminal and plug the other end of the cable to a wall port / power socket.


Till Portable_Charging-Cable.png


2. Through the charging base – Connect the micro-USB cable to the charging port and plug the other side of the cable into a wall port / power socket. When placing the terminal onto the docking station, make sure that the charging pins on the dock and the terminal are aligned properly.




The terminal will stop charging when it reaches the battery level of 100%. To check the battery status, simply refer to the battery icon at the top of the screen, which indicates the current percentage of the charge. When charging, the battery icon will feature a lightning bolt, accompanied by a continuous upward filling pattern.

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