Why do I get a ‘No plans available’ message when I check Pay Later Eligibility on the Till Payment Links Portal

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This happens when the payment request amount is higher or lower than the eligibility that you agreed with FlipPay. In that case, you won’t be able to offer the Pay Later option to your customer. However, they’ll still be able to Pay Now. If you enter an amount that is within the range you agreed with FlipPay but still get a No plans available message, please contact the FlipPay support team via support@flippay.com.au.


Note: this article is only relevant to Australian and New Zealand users who have access to the Payment Links portal and have activated FlipPay as the Buy Now Pay Later option.

If you were provided Till Portal to manage payment links setting, check out the section here. To request access to the Till Portal, submit a request here.

If you are based in North America, check out the article here.

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