How to fix a frozen Ingenico Move5000

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There are various reasons why an Ingenico Move5000 may become frozen, including software glitches, insufficient memory, and hardware issues. For example, running too many applications or processing large transactions can overwhelm the terminal and cause it to freeze or become unresponsive. Connectivity issues, such as weak or lost internet connection, can also cause the terminal to freeze. Moreover, physical damage or wear and tear can result in hardware problems that may cause the terminal to become frozen. Follow the below steps to fix a frozen terminal.


Restart your terminal by selecting FUNC and pressing CLEAR (yellow button).



The terminal will restart if it is charging.


If not charging, the terminal will shut down. Hold the Green Enter button to turn it back on.


If the buttons do not work, perform a hard reboot.


If the freezing continues or constantly restarts, please contact the Till Support team here.

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