How to process settlements on an Integrated Verifone T650p

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Completing a settlement

A settlement is the process where a merchant will receive funds from the customer for a transaction. Your terminal will automatically settle at your selected settlement time each day unless you perform a manual settlement.


Auto settlement

The terminal will automatically settle every day at your nominated settlement time. A default auto settlement time will be assigned if you haven’t chosen an auto settlement time. If you wish to change your auto settlement time, contact Till Customer Support.


Manual settlement

  • From the Payment screen, tap the menu.
  • Tap ‘Settlements’.
  • Enter Passcode.
  • Tap ‘Settle now’.
  • Settlement report will display on-screen. Swipe up to scroll through the report.
  • Your terminal will start a new settlement period.


Note: A settlement can only be performed once in a 24-hour period. You cannot settle between 8:30pm and 9:00pm (AEST).


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