How to manage changes on your Till account

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The process for managing merchant changes could be any of the following:

  • Merchant Name Change: This could be a change in Personal Name due to marriage or divorce, Addresses, Contact Details or Email Address or could also be a change in business ownership. Your can submit a request here and Till will obtain a documentary evidence to support this change.
  • Change in Bank Account for the Merchant: When changing Bank Account, You need to send through a change request here and this is also supported by a copy of the new Bank Account to verify BSB and Account Number
  • Change in Bank Account for the Merchant's customers: You need to send through a copy of the Direct Debit form for any changes in your customer’s bank account or credit card prior to the initial debit. This is filled in and signed by the your customer.
  • Change in Merchant’s Customer’s accounts: You need to send through request to change customer’s debit amount, frequency, commencement date and a stop date.
  • Request by Merchant to deactivate their account: You will need to request your Merchant account to be deactivated because you are not trading anymore, or you have sold the business or whatever reason they may have. Till would deactivate the account at whatever date the Merchant has requested, and this would mean that all your customers’ existing account would be deleted to due deactivation. You can find put in a request here.

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