How to edit card surcharges, assign team members and roles, and edit refund codes on Till Payment Links Portal

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Note: this article is only relevant to Australian and New Zealand users who have access to the Payment Links portal.

If you would like to change the settings on the payment links tab on the Till Portal, check out the section here. To request access to the Till Portal, submit a request here.

If you are based in North America, check out the article here.


To be able to perform the all of these functions, head to the Business Settings tab. You will see 4 tabs:

  • Details
  • Team Members
  • Roles
  • Refund Codes



On the Details page, you can:

  • View business settings status and credit requests
  • Edit buy now pay later, card surcharges and policies
  • Personalise your payment page



Team Members

On the Team Members page, you can add new team members or manage existing team members roles.



To add a new team member, select the Add Member button at top right.

The roles you select will determine the new team member's permissions.

On each team member, if you select this edit icon, you alter their selected roles.



On the Roles tab, you can edit the permissions for existing roles or delete a role entirely. You can also add a new role. Select Add Role on the right to create a new role and choose its permissions.


Refund Codes

The final tab is Refund Codes. Here, you can edit existing refund codes or create new ones. You can create a new refund code by selecting Add Code on the right. The new refund code can now be used when submitting refunds.


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