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Business settings

Modified on: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 at 10:48 am

When you navigate to the “Business Settings” tab, you will see this screen:

This page has 4 tabs:
  • Details
  • Team Members
  • Roles
  • Refund Codes

On the details page, you can view business settings status, credit requests, buy now pay later, edit card surcharges, edit policies, and personalise your payment page.

Team members

On the team members page, you can add new team members or manage an existing team members roles.

To add a new team member, select the “Add Member” button on the top right.

The roles you select will determine what permissions the new team member has.

On each team member, if you select this edit icon, you alter their selected roles.


On the Roles tab, you can edit the permissions for existing roles, or delete a role entirely. You can also add a new role. Select “Add role” on the top right to create a new role and choose its permissions.

Refund Codes
The final tab is Refund Codes. Here, you can edit existing refund codes or create new ones. You can create a new refund code by selection Add Code on the top right. Now you can use this refund code when submitting refunds.

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